The Co-Synus from Sartorius is a food plant rugged, compact detection and weighing solution in one. The metal detector is the superior multi-wave technology used by Sartorius in their top-of the line Vistus Model. Multiple aperture sizes, belt widths and capacities ensure that there is a Co-Synus for any application. The Co-Synus networks to our Encompass System “out of the box” for real-time alerts and control.

Sartorius Model CO-SYNUS



Ultimate Accuracy and Detection

Sartorius’ Co-SYNUS is the ultimate for speed, detection and durability. Its unique scalloped design allow for easy line height adjustment. The IP66 encased force measurement cell provides unmatched accuracy at high speed. 3 different belt widths and 4 different metal detector choices gives the flexibility needed for almost any application.

Model CO-SYNUS Data Sheet