Sartorius Econus



Full Featured Economical Scale.

The new ECONUS from Sartorius is a budget checkweigher that doesn’t sacrifice accuracy or durability. The Econus comes in 4 models with belt widths at 200 to 300 mm. Multiple Rejects can be attached to the Econus and also either wired or wireless networking. Of course, we specialize in integrating Sartorius Weighing and Detection Equipment into our ENCOMPASS System. The Econus is the perfect scale for small to medium packages, with high throughput speeds.

ECONUS Data Sheet

Sartorius Model SYNUS-20


Model SYNUS-10, 20, 30

High Accuracy - High Speed

Mid Tier Pricing- High end features, the Sartorius SYNUS checkweighers are simply unmatched in the industry. Using an IP66 sealed force compensation weigh cell, the SYNUS scale delivers a level of accuracy and durability for the most demanding applications. With a unique scalloped design- changing conveyor heights is very easy to do. All Sartorius checkweighers and metal detectors can be seamlessly integrated to our SPC system.

SYNUS-10, 20, 30 Data Sheet


Model EWK 3000

Highest Accuracy - Highest Speed

The fully customizable EWK from Sartorius is one of the most advanced in line checkweighers in the world. From Pharmaceutical Applications with ultra high speed 600 per minute vials, to the most demanding food plant applications, the EWK is the machine for it. Again, like all process devices, the EWK interfaces to our ENCOMPASS system “out of the box”.

Model EWK 3000 Data Sheet

Sartorius Case weighers

WM Series

Affordable final inspection

Sartorius WM scales are modular and affordable for medium speed case weighing. A very easy way to track downtime and add a reject to make sure that only the right product gets shipped. Out of the box network integration to ENCOMPASS is standard.

WM Series Data Sheet

SIGMA Case Weighers

SM Series

High throughput pack out scales.

For higher accuracy needs and if the application calls for labeling of any kind, we manufacture a complete range of end-of-the-line case and package checkweighers. Available with a wide range of rejects and diverters as well as food grade belting from Intralox, our SM series is perfect for high demand, high throughput pack out applications.

SIGMA NTEP Approved Case Weighers


The ultimate in End of the line weighing. Our “Stop Motion” scales is an automatic in line checkweigher, but we physically “Stop” the case on the scale to get a static weight that allows the NTEP approval. It is driven by our LABELpaq networked labeling software and not only tracks weights, but can track GIVEAWAY as well! If a label applicator needs to be attached to the SM-30 we can provide that too.

SM-30 Data Sheet