Sartorius Vistus



Vistus from Sartorius is one of the most accurate and unique Metal Detectors available. Multiple wave technology makes it extremely accurate and the ability to have ONE display head drive up to 4 detection coils makes it very affordable. Multiple aperture sizes for almost any application. IP69K available and interfaces to our ENCOMPASS Food Safety and Quality system.

Sartorius Vistus Data Sheet

Sartorius Model PYXIM-D


Model MDP+ IP66

Can be custom made for different product needs

The MDP series from Sartorius are IP65 metal detectors that can be CUSTOM MADE to your application. They are IP65 and come standard in 4 different sizes. Excellent detection, rugged durability and of course, like all of our metal detectors they can be interfaced to view real time rejects in our SPC system.

Model MDP+ IP66 Data Sheet

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MDP Pipeline.

Gravity fed or using a pump, we have 5 different pipeline metal detectors for and bulk flow application. Grain, flour, syrup, chocolate and almost any other liquid or powdered product can be fed through our pipeline detectors.

Sartorius MDP Pipeline Data Sheet