US Foods

US Foods \ Stockyards uses Sigma LABELpaq, order driven software to process all of their shop floor Production, Stock and WIP Orders. Orders are generated all over the country at various sales locations.

Once the order is entered into the US Foods system they are directed to the facility where the order is to be processed. The order is complete with route numbers, customer information, and more and are passed down to the Sigma LABELpaq system on the production floor. A cut sheet is generated in the production office that tells the meat cutter instructions and information about the order such as how to cut the product and how much to cut; this document also contains a barcode with the order and SKU information in it. Once the product is cut and boxed, the product is taken to one of several systems located on the cutting floor and the barcode on the cut sheet is scanned via an integrated barcode scanner, mounted inside of the Sigma 620 computer.

Once the order is scanned in, the operator will then place the first case on the scale and there will be a question asked via the display. This question that is asked is how many cases the order will be packed into. Once answered, the system process the weightment and all subsequent weightments. Once complete, the ERP system will be given a complete flag and the order is ready for invoicing.