Swaggerty's Sausage

Knoxville, TN

Swaggerty’s Sausage, Knoxville, TN, is a leading producer of both patty and link breakfast sausage. Swaggerty's uses the Sigma Encompass RFID solution for all of the shop floor production, reporting, and tracking. Live hogs are brought into the facility from various farms and are housed in holding pens. When the hogs are released to production they use Sigma Batch Tracker and record the information about the live hogs. Once the hogs are processed, they are loaded onto the overhead monorail scale and a beginning weight is recorded. The hog is then cleaned, and the system gets a dressed weight and a kill floor yield is calculated. From that point the carcass is boned out, the ribs and loins are chilled and boxed and sold as is, while all of the other meat is sent to the grinding department in stainless steel totes. Each tote contains an RFID tag to identify the tare weight of the particular tote. Once the tare weight is calculated the net weight is recorded and accumulated to generate the total pounds sent to grinding. Once processed, the finished sausage chubs are placed on racks and weighed on a floor scale so a grinding yield can be calculated. These racks also include a RFID tag that contains the tare weight of the rack. At that time, a rack tag is printed that includes a barcode and the product is then placed in refrigeration and stored until it is to be further processed.

When it's time to consume the product it is pulled out of refrigeration and the barcode is scanned and assigned to a production screen via the Sigma production application. Upon completion of the cased sausage, the finished goods are recorded into the system via the Sigma Encompass Reporting services.