was developed from the ground up by us to be the most powerful, easy to use and affordable inventory tracking system on the market. After scanning and labeling tens of millions of cases and pallets and making our customers more profitable and efficient, we believe our mission is accomplished. Rugged in both hardware and software implementation, SCANpaq is the perfect system to track your products money.

Why Sigma for your inventory management?

What you need

What we do

Real time tracking from receiving to shipping
SCANpaq tracks all movements, costing and shipping

From Receiving goods from outside suppliers to your finished product our system will give you a real time inventory of what you have in your warehouse to what you have shipped out to your customers.

Ability to recall in minutes
No more paperwork shuffle – all electronic recall

Our system keeps track of all movements of product throughout the system from the moment it is received into inventory allowing to quickly recall the status and history of any box within the system. Simple search by date range, product location or lot# returns almost instant recall or location.

Lot and batch segregation
We support lot and batch generation and traceability

As basis of our BATCHpaq recipe management system, SCANpaq receives and supports the generation of lots or batches in any format that you are currently using i.e. today’s date-shift # is = the batch number. This batch and lot number (can also be the downloaded job # from SAP) will then be associated with that recipe, product or group of products throughout your facility.

Compare labeled vs scanned production
We support either method of inventory tracking.

Combined with our labeling software we can report to you what has been produced and how much of what that has been scanned into inventory. This provides a real time up to the minute reporting of your production versus your scanned into inventory.

Generate invoices to accounting systems
When shipping SCANpaq generates invoices

Using third party integration with a simple click of a couple of buttons you can pick and choose which orders you want to transfer into your Quickbooks to create invoiced eliminating double data entry.

LIFO/FIFO/Bin location Segregation of inventory
All products can be date specific for next-to-ship.

This module forces the shipping clerks to pull the oldest produced product off the shelves first, making sure that rotation of product is kept in order. We also can assign products to bin locations in your coolers and freezers.

Costing of your inventory
We attach and report the cost to all of your products

Without the need for elaborate and expensive accounting functionality, with our Encompass desktop you can attach dollar amounts to all received and finished products. Then we can provide with very simple yet informative reports on the costing of your products. The cost can be manipulated for shrink, depreciation or other cost changing conditions.

A system “battle tested” for food facilities
We have tracked millions of cases and pallets

Make that tens of millions of cases and pallets!

OPEN DATABASE system for ultimate flexibility
View, edit and add to our database

For the ultimate in powerful customization, an open, central database is needed. All of our systems are written over open databases that will allow us or you to report on all data as your operation demands. Also changes can be made years after owning our scanning and labeling systems that usually take simple, low cost configuration and NOT special programming.

Provide sales to production reports
We give daily production reports