Why Sigma for your next labeling project?

What you need for your project

What we provide

An Experienced Partner who KNOWS food manufacturing labeling
We have sold over 2100 networked labeling systems

Sigma has been a labeling specialist since 1997. We manufacture all aspects of the system- Washdown computer and touchscreen, fab the stand and printer enclosure, distribute the scales write the software. Whether it is just a simple label, or multiple labels containing ingredient statements and nutritional statements, we can and most likely have labeled it. We have labeled millions of boxes for some of the largest food processors in the country.

A One Source supplier for all tech support calls.
We manufacture the software + most hardware

Have you ever been in a project with multiple vendors supplying equipment, and when something goes wrong, they dutifully check their own products and pronounce them in good working order but the problem still persists? Then the finger pointing starts with your operation stuck in the middle. With Sigma, you will never have this problem. Except the scales and printers, We manufacture the entre system! One number to call 24/7/365 or we can be reached on our cell phones.

Our LABELpaq case labeling SOFTWARE is NTEP approved

Is the software your currently using NTEP certified? Our LABLEpaq systems are approved for use in any state the adheres to the NTEP guidelines.

LABELpaq software is an open database application.
Runs under any 64 bit version of Windows

Since our application is run over a database, we can sort literally hundreds of fields of data anyway that you need to see it. Since LABELpaq uses a completely open database you can access the data using your own database tools. LABELpaq has been interfaced to Oracle, Microsoft SQL, SAP via SQL, DB2, as well as many other databases and applications. We populate over 300 Database fields for every label that we print!

LABELpaq drives multiple labeling machines
Case, weigh-price, packout, and pre-price

Same interface, one database, same application. Enough said.

Food plant rugged and durable
To us labeling is a “mission Critical” application

At any one time during a day we have +/- 1500 labeling systems cranking out labels from Canada to Columbia. Our NEMA 4X computers that run the system are food plant rugged and we have over 6000 in use also. Of course we offer service 24/7/365

Not just catch weight tracking
We print nutritional panels and ingredient statements also

LABELpaq pulls all of its product data from a local database. These databases get updated from a common SQL database. These db’s contain all of the information that is to be printed, including product descriptions, date and time coding, Lot / batch numbers, nutritional information and more. All of this data is printed but is also sent to these databases upon completion of the transaction. This allows verification of all data in real time

Upgradeable to 2D bar codes and RFID
LABELpaq is ready for these advanced technologies.

From the 3 of 9 to the UCC129-EAN to RFID tags, LABELpaq can read from and integrate all of these technologies “out of the box”. So whether your customers are Wal-Mart, Costco, HEB, Publix or state and local governments, we can support almost any ID tag in your, or their, operation.

LABELpaq integrates seamlessly with our SCANpaq scanning system
Unbeatable Traceability

Not only have we labeled millions of cases and pallets, we have scanned and tracked that many as well. With SCANpaq.net our LABELpaq system becomes a complete recall/traceability system. Once you have labeled your products, they are then ready to be scanned into our real-time tracking system. Either mobile or fixed In line scanners can be used. See in real time where ALL of your products are at any time. All coolers, freezers, QA hold, dry goods and shipped. We interface to Quickbooks for smaller companies to generate invoices off of our SCANpaq system