One of our greatest successes has been that we have chosen a few, very good partners. We have very close, long term relationships with truly world class companies that we work very closely in both sales and technical knowledge. These companies play key roles in our ENCOMPASS systems nationwide.

ENCOMPASS is our in plant quality and traceability system. The modules of ENCOMPASS include Sigma manufactured hardware and software components such as:

> NEMA 4XWashdown Computer
> Temperature Probes
> LABELpaq labeling systems,
> SCANpaq scanning and tracking system
> SIGMA Software Applications for Labeling, Scanning, ERP Integration and dash boarding.

Our ENCOMPASS system is for any food manufacturer and we typically influence and integrate with processing line machines of all types. In addition we provide quality and process control monitoring, support lean manufacturing principles and we track Performance indicators of all types. In doing so, we partner with companies whose products compliment and integrate with ours. Our goal is to seamlessly install our ENCOMPASS system modules. And to go beyond just integrating our partners products, but to “make them our own” that provides our customers two “layers” of tech support .

We are factory authorized sales and servicing distributors/integrators for the following companies:

Sartorius is one of the leading industrial scale and detection companies in the world. Based in Germany, We are factory authorized reseller and servicing dealer for all Sartorius weighing and detection products. Sartorius makes some of the most accurate scales on the planet, from the lab to in-line checkweighers and have for more than 100 years. Sartorius actually invented the modern, Magnetic Frequency metal detector in Post War Germany. And is one of the largest metal detector manufacturers in Europe and China. We have been Factory Authorized distributors for Sartorius since 1987

Our Encompass System is built off of data collection done by both human and sensor. And we use Sick Scanners almost exclusively. We have them in literally dozens of locations and they simply work in the most demanding environments. From fixed mount scanners on conveyors to being in our computers to scan log ins and “cut-sheet” information for our LABELpaq systems, we have relied exclusively on SICK to send information to our ENCOMPASS system since 2005.

Many times our installations call for conveyor, mounts, carts or metal fab of some type. We have a complete welding and metal fabrication division that manufactures conveyors and rejects for our EMCOMPASS installations. Also we provide indexing and take away conveyors as part of our automatic and manual labeling systems. The food grade conveyor that we us is Intralox. We also incorporate the Intralox ARB Angled Roller Belting in many of our labeling systems. Factory Authorized since 2010.

We have been placing Motorola scanners and mobile handheld computers in food plants since 2006. Motorola Equipment has proved rugged and reliable in the harshest of conditions and runs our software perfectly. With each new innovation, Motorola supplies us with the tools needed to better serve our customers scanning, tracking and Data Collection needs.

We have provided over 2500 or our LABELpaq Labeling systems in food companies from Canada to Columbia, and along the way we have commissioned most of those labeling systems with Datamax Printers. We not only service Datamax printers, we are also a stocking Distributor with I class printers and print heads always in stock for immediate shipment. Datamax Authoried since 1999.

Our LABELpaq software has integrated too many printer manufacturers’ labeling systems of all kinds. But for heavy industrial labeling applications, few do it as well as ID Technologies. Our partnership started in 2006 and we have integrated our LABELpaq labeling software to ID Applicators since that time and have placed many ID Applicators and systems in companies nationwide.