Sigma Industrial Automation is a leader and “one source” integrator for food processing SPC/QA/HACCP systems.

Why Sigma for your next SPC project?

What you need for your project

What we provide

FDA Audited SPC software that you can GROW with
Washdown NEMA 4 computers on the plant floor
We MANUFACTURE washdown computers
We are one of the largest suppliers of industrial washdown and dustproof computers to the food industry with over 6400 sold throughout North America.

Our NEMA 4X rated, touchscreen interface, washdown computers and thin clients come in screen sizes of 12” 15” 17” and 22”, and have multiple keyboard options.

SCALES, CALIPERS and other peripherals
We are an ISO:17025 Accredited calibrations lab

We have been in the scale business for 32 years. We have supplied thousands of scales to our customers nationwide, but more than just selling scales, we HONOR THE WARRANTEES, SUPPLY PARTS and CONNECT THEM TO OUR COMPUTERS. We are factory authorized dealers for Sartorius, Avery Weigh-Tronix, Rice Lake, GSE and many other scale brands. Each of our scales comes with an ISO accredited calibration certificate.

Temperature probe and caliper data
The CP-90 From Sigma- wireless and washdown!
Not just wireless temperature Probes…

Sigma has developed and released the most unique and robust networked temperature data collection solution for food companies of all sizes. Using the 2.4 Ghz spectrum, we offer transmission distances of up to 200 feet with NO NEED FOR IP ADDRESSES! We offer both handheld and fixed mount models. They utilize almost any “off the shelf” K-Type Thermocouple and are completely washdown.

MOBILE Tablets for data collection
We offer both Windows and Android
Typically SPC/QA projects need both our fixed mount washdown computers and mobile tablets.

We have partnered with Motorola to bring our customers the best ruggedized tablets and handhelds in the industry, perfect for attribute testing and HACCP checks in our Encompass system. All wireless – All ruggedized.

Simple Operator Interface
This is a big priority- and we succeed
We fully understand that if the operators find it difficult to get data into the system- the system won’t work.

Our interface makes it VERY easy, especially when using our washdown touchscreen computers, to get quality and production data into our systems. Of course we also have “automatic” interfaces that need no operators.

Integration to Metal Detectors and Inline checkweighers
Also ANY processing machines such as ovens, fryers, cookers etc…
Maybe your most important Critical Control Points for both food safety and quality MUST be networked to see real time alarms and out of spec events.

And we do it very well. Sigma is an authorized reseller of Sartorius Detection and Checkweighers. But we can also integrate your EXISTING machines from ANY manufacturer. And not only to see in real-time if there are any out of spec events/weights- but we also put in the database the COMMISSIONING for the next shift etc…

On Staff Developers and Coders
Because your project will need customization
We know the secret to the success of any QA/SPC/Food Safety project relies on making sure that your EXACT needs are met.

This means customization. All projects are the same but different. We have dedicated programmers to ensure that all data and workflows match your exacting specifications.

Since our software is on an OPEN database it makes it easier for us to integrate your ERP/MES/SCADA system as well.

Integration of plant floor data to ERP/MES
Our ENCOMPASS system is built on an open Database.
The Expertise to make it all work
With installs in over 250 plants…
We have been involved in pretty much every process of any type of food manufacturers.

We are “rubber boots and hairnet” people with over 125 combined years of food processing installation and consulting experience. We have worked with every department from IT to maintenance, Production to QA, and know that each has its own needs from a project.

Reduce waste and rework - achieve better portion control