Since our units are sealed and made of all stainless steel, they can retain heat in a warmer ambient temperature. Our normal operating temperature is 80°F. If our computers are used in a warmer environment, we simply place the power supply outside the enclosure, thereby eliminating a major heat source. This enables the computer to operate in ambient temperatures up to 110°F. The power supply is completely sealed and can be mounted on the underside of a cart, etc. The computer enclosure and power supply still maintain their NEMA 4X standards.



Our 802.11b.g wireless system utilizes an IP67 external antenna that is EXTREMELY rugged. It makes for an excellent in-plant wireless connection. It works with ALL of our product lines, including our industrial computers, thin clients, and PC enclosures.



We offer gasketless, waterproof Mylar keypads on many of our units. The gasketless design means that water will not seep around the edges of these keypads. They can also work simultaneously with an external keyboard. The “0-9” and “enter” keys are oversized for use with gloves. Whatever your needs, we have an operator interface that fits your application.



A variety of keyboards can be attached to our units. The most popular is the “roll up” rubber keypads. These come in two configurations: small, much like a laptop keyboard with the “0-9” keys across the top, or large, with a separate “0-9” keypad to the right.

External Keyboard


Our standard platter drives can be upgraded to the Intel Solid State Drives (SSDs). These are available in 80-6512 GB sizes. These are the highest-rated, most durable industrial drives available. We can accommodate up to FOUR hard drives in a single computer as well. Solid State drives are also less sensitive to heat buildup.