Partial listing of our repeat, computer customers.

The following companies use dozens of our computers and touchscreens, everyday in the harshest environments. Most are wireless and some have been in use since 1998! Imagine your desktop PC from 1998 working today. Please note that some of the following customers are not just using our computers but our software as well.

Pilgrim's Pride Logo

Pilgrims Pride. Customer since 1996, we have supplied over 350 of our wash down computers. With the acquisition of ConAgra poultry, which already had about 300 of our computers, Pilgrims Pride now has over 600 of our wash down computers. Many of these are used for SAP shop floor data collection, labeling and scanning.

SaraLee Logo

SaraLee Foods. Since 2004. One of our newest customers. We have just installed finished phase 2 plants in Mississippi, Wisconsin, Missouri and Kentucky. At present, they are using over 100 of computers that run our LABELpaq software.

Tyson Logo

TYSON. Since 1999. We have been chosen as a primary supplier for their new plant floor data collection systems. This project will call for hundreds of our computers until 2011.

Cargill Logo

CARGILL. Since 2000. At present over 100 of our wash down computers and labeling systems in all four of their turkey plants. We just updated the Dayton, Va. Plant and will be doing another upgrade of older systems soon.

Dawn Foods Logo

Dawn Foods. Since 2008. Installed our STATpaq SPC system in 3 plants. The total number of our wash down thin clients is 30 so far… In 2009-2010 we will be installing about 100 more computers that will be taking SPC data Throughout all of Dawn Foods locations in North America.

George's Poultry Logo

GEORGES POULTRY- Springdale. Since 2005 Have started and will finish a 5 plant install of our wireless computerized labeling, scanning and recall systems. When finished George’s poultry will have about 70 of our computers.

Sysco-Freedman Logo

SYSCO-FREEDMAN. Since 1999. Uses our LABELpaq systems in four Texas plants and installed their new Colorado plant in early 2004. This is a total of 25 computers and labeling systems.

SOME OTHERS IN USE AS OF 2009 Pepperidge Farms, Claxton Poultry, Quaker Oats, Prestage Farms, Duracell batteries, Industrias Bachoco and Indiana Packers.

Please remember that this is a PARTIAL list and the above customers are ON GOING and CURRENT.
We have dozens of smaller and regional customers that use our washdown computers as well as our labeling, scanning and QA systems. For more information, please call 800-578-5060 or visit